The Arts – Music and Drama

Inspiring the development of creativity.

All students have the opportunity to step into a world of visual and performance arts and develop their confidence in creative self-expression.

Students develop their practical, problem solving and analytical skills through all our Arts, whilst having the opportunity to experiment and take risks in our extensive and varied programmes. Our Arts are delivered within our Academic Curriculum, as well as within our House system and Co-curricular programmes, providing an all-inclusive education.


Music is at the heart and soul Frederick Irwin ᰮ School. With over half of the School's student population involved in instrumental and vocal lessons, or in musical ensembles, music is an area where students are wholly engaged from an early age through to ᰮ 12.

Frederick Irwin offers a diverse and exciting range of arts offerings across Secondary Campus. We have a team of highly skilled music teachers and tutors. With a music production every 2 years, an annual music camp, outstanding small drama productions and an eclectic range of music ensembles and instrumental tuition.

To find out more about some of our talented music tutors click here.

To apply for the Music Programme click the link for your campus below:

Meadow Springs Music Programme

Halls Head Music Programme


The aim of our Drama programme is to build students’ abilities in all facets of dramatic performance, so as to maximise skills and capacities, and to develop within each student a lifelong appreciation of theatre, for the enrichment of their lives and of others. 

Each student’s creative ability is developed and nurtured by activities that can include acting, direction, dramaturgy, stage management, set design, costume, lighting, properties, make-up and sound. Frederick Irwin ᰮ School recognises and supports the important role Drama plays in our lives. 

Curricular and Co-Curricular Programmes

All students are able to be involved in Curricular and Co-curricular performance activities. Drama is a compulsory subject for ᰮs 7 and 8 students, and becomes an elective from ᰮ 9 to ᰮ 12.

The Drama Department offers Drama ATAR (WACE) as part of the ᰮ 11 and ᰮ 12 Curriculum.

Every second year, the students have the opportunity to participate in a ᰮs 7 to 12 drama production or musical. Recent notable productions include The Wizard of Oz, Matilda, Little Shop of Horrors, Oliver and Mary Poppins.