New Starters

Welcome to Frederick Irwin! We look forward to welcoming you to our community. 

Please bookmark this page, as we will save all information related to new starters on here. 

New Student Information

Please select the links below which will provide you with all of the information required to ensure a smooth start to the School year. 

There are a number of different ways you can stay connected with the School throughout the year, and stay up to date with news, events, school reports and more.  These are all outlined in the Communication Information below. 

Registrar Pack

The links below are the online versions of the documents presented to parents from the Registrar, following a tour of the School. 

Primary Student's First Day of School

Kindergarten - Day in the Life 

ᰮ 2 - Day in the Life

ᰮ 5 - Day in the Life 

Secondary Student's First Day of School

  • Accessing your locker (secondary students):
    Entrants throughout the ᰮ: You will be given a lock on your first day and will sit with your Head of House who will show you how to use your lock, and then you will be taken to your locker to try it in person.
    Orientation Starters: During Orientation events, you will be shown by your teachers or peers on how to operate your new locker. 
    If you are unable to open your locker later in the day, simply visit the Student Services at the Main Administration Office Building and one of our staff members will help you. 
  • Student sign-in and sign-out station:
    Located through the Student Services entrance at the Main Administration Office Building, and at both of our Primary Administration buildings, our friendly Student Services Officers will help you through signing in and out of school, if you are late or have an appointment. 
  • BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Questions: 
    Students from ᰮs 6 to 12 bring their own devices to school for use in lessons. Click here for the most commonly asked questions regarding BYOD.
  • Timetable FAQs (secondary students):
    Entrants throughout the ᰮ: You will be given your timetable on your first day, and your Head of House will go through your timetable with you so you can read it accurately, and locate your classrooms. 
    Orientation Starters: During Orientation events, you will be shown by your teachers or student leaders on how to read your timetable accurately. 

Student and Parent Information Platforms

  • Consent2Go:
    Consent2Go is a platform in which parents can update their child/ren’s contact details and health profile. Upon enrolment, you will be sent an email link to set up your login details. You can access Consent2Go on the student and parent login portal page.
  • SEQTA Engage (parents):
    SEQTA Engage is a platform in which parents from ᰮ 6 onward are able to access their child/ren’s formal Semester Reports.  Upon enrolment, you will be sent an email link to set up your login details.  You can access SEQTA Engage on the student and parent login portal page.
  • SEQTA Learn (secondary students):
    SEQTA Learn is a platform in which secondary students can access their timetables, homework, assessments, rubrics, lesson information and much more. Upon enrolment, students will be sent an email link to set up their login details.  You can access SEQTA Learn on the student and parent login portal page.
  • Seesaw:
    Seesaw is a digital platform for which parents can voluntarily sign up to their child’s classroom. This application is free to download on any operating system and classroom teachers will send their parents a link to join at the beginning of the school year.  On this platform, you can view learning that is taking place in the classroom, as well as messages from the  teacher. Uploads to the platform are moderated by the classroom teacher.  If you have difficulty joining the class, please contact your classroom teacher.
  • School Newsletter - The Wonga Bonnoo ('Talking Stick' in Noongar):
    Sent every two weeks during Term to all families via email, this method of communication keeps our parents updated with the events and activities happening around the School. You can access past Issues here.
  • Uniform Shop - Click here to find opening hours and more information on Uniform requirements. 


The School has a commitment to academic excellence and academic achievement, cultural and sporting pursuits. The awarding of Academic, Music Performance Scholarships and our inaugural Kwobadiny Sports Scholarship for students is an expression of that commitment.

Please click this link for further information.

Music Programme 

In addition to normal music lessons as part of a student's timetable, please see below for information regarding the optional Music Programme for primary and secondary students. 

Please contact the Head of Performing Arts, Mrs Jenny Crutchett, on, should you require further information. 

  •  (Instrumental, Vocal, Ensemble Lessons)
  •  (Instrumental, Vocal, Ensemble Lessons)

Online Community

Please find the direct links below to the School's App and social media accounts:

  • Seesaw - teachers will email instructions at the start of each school year.